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Painless Digital Anesthesia

The Wand® Computer Controlled Anesthetic Delivery System

The Wand represents the first major technological advance in anesthetic delivery since the syringe was invented nearly one hundred fifty years ago. This computer-controlled anesthetic delivery system conquers fear of pain and anxiety. The Wand gives our patients the highest quality of dental care while addressing their concerns about the pain, fear, and anxiety associated with standard syringe injections.

This device can be positioned more accurately and has a controlled flow rate, to deliver the correct amount of anesthetic at a rate that provides a steady level of comfort. Its disposable cartridge sheaths guarantee a safe, sterile procedure for each patient.

With this system, we can give almost painless injections, and in certain cases, numb just one tooth. What this all means to you, our patient, is less anesthetic, but a more profound numbing. And that’s a good thing!


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